The Unfundraiser

What is a CUP UnFundraiser?

  • Little to no work for sponsored organization. No canvassing, sitting outside stores, collecting money, buying product, delivering product or selling something no one really wants.
  • No safety issues of having young folks, or adults, having to interact with strangers.
  • Very simple fundraiser…so simple that once set up you can simply provide {email/publish/announce} your program link to your parents/benefactors/members and the donations start soon thereafter.
  • Operates year round…24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It never stops donating to your organization.
  • Setup for organizations we accept is free!
  • Your organization has little to no administrative responsibilities. CUP handles all administration for you and there is little to no product handling at your end… you simply direct your supporters to your unique domain name {which we set up} to buy our delicious gourmet coffee and other quality products.
  • We provide top rated specialty gourmet premium and super premium coffees, hot cocoa and other delicious products and customers love it! Huge repeat buyer potential!
  • Our coffee is roasted from the top crops of Arabica beans and similar quality would be much more expensive in a coffee store.
  • A price per bag that competes with supermarket generic brands…we do not increase our prices to offset your donation amount. No $5 chocolate bars here!
  • In reality it costs your supporters nothing extra to support your organization as you are offering a product which many people already use daily!
  • Every product item purchased online donates at least 20% of the proceeds to your organization…every time they buy it.
  • Huge Cause Related Marketing opportunity available for your business sponsors {see CUPCReaM™ tab}.
  • Receive a quarterly check.
  • Ability to track all sales/donations directly through your own unique sign-on and password…24/7.
  • Banners provided for your website so your supporters simply click and buy.
  • If you still would like an initial “traditional” campaign we will help support this through our CUP Bonus Program. After the initial campaign consumers can continue to buy direct with no money handling on your end and yet donations continue to flow!
  • Ability to purchase low cost one pot pillow packs to introduce or remind patrons of the program and still get an attractive donation from these samples too. What a great opportunity to use these pillow packs to direct donors to your dedicated domain.

Let us get started in helping your organization enjoy a new and sustainable income stream with very little work at your end!

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