CUPGives™ FAQs

Q: Why did you create CUP?

A: We have always been very involved in charity and youth sports and felt there was a need for a way to raise funds that was different…sort of an “UnFundraiser”…unlike any fundraiser out there.

Q: What does “UnFundraiser” mean to you?

A: Well when you mention fundraiser it brings up the typical vision of having a campaign, knocking on doors, collecting money, tracking sales, delivering products and the related safety issues…in other words tons of work for already busy people.

Q: So you don’t do “traditional fundraisers”?

A: Our program ultimately involves very little work on the part of the sponsored organization…so no traditional fundraisers here. Instead what you will find is our totally unique CUP Bonus Program.

Q: How in the world can an organization raise funds with “very little work?”

A: By letting our company do the work for them. As an example we have a youth sports team that simply forwarded an email to family/friends/neighbors with a website link to click on…and raised $700+ in about a week and they never touched the money or product nor made deliveries…AND the clients love the product and are repeat buyers so the team keeps getting contributions! We provide protected sign-ons to our site so the organization can track their programs results.

Q: Wow that is great…but I have heard that your program “never sleeps”…how does that work?

A: We have worked hard to bring the absolute best products into our company that over 164 million or 57% of Americans over 18 use typically every day…coffee! If you consider other programs selling things you really don’t want {cookie dough, popcorn, CD’s, wrapping paper, etc.} coffee is something clearly lots of people want every day and buy often. We have also recently added cocoa as we understand not everyone is a coffee drinker. Our store is open 24/7 for your supporters.

Q: Why do you think people continue to buy your products versus generic?

A: One reason is folks want to support great causes and/or organizations. In fact 79% are more likely to switch from one product to another if the other product is associated with a good cause, an increase from 66% in 1993 {source:2007& 2008 Cone Cause Evolution and Environmental Survey}. Furthermore the 2008 Edelman Good purpose study found that 68% of consumers will remain loyal to a brand if they support a cause.

Q: That’s great but why is your coffee a better option than running down to the grocery store?

A: We only provide the absolute best coffee available in the country. Our roasters have been selected from over 30,000 gourmet coffee roasters in America and they use only the top crops of Arabica beans.

Q: Does that really make a difference?

A: Absolutely. Essentially for the same price a bag as much lesser quality coffee, our clients can enjoy the best and more and more coffee drinkers are moving toward specialty gourmet coffee offerings. The number of gourmet coffee drinkers is estimated to have gone up almost 400% in the past five years.

Q: I see your price is currently $15…gosh I can get good coffee at the grocery store for $10.00…is your price range reasonable?

A: Absolutely and in fact it is on the low range of specialty gourmet coffees which will run $15 to $20+ for similar size bags at national chains. Plus our price includes free shipping to your door for purchases over $25.  Others will charge an additional $5+.  Also, keep in mind that our coffee is roasted from the top percentages of Arabica beans and is not “just gourmet” and we do NOT bump our price up to give the donation. Where else can you buy specialty gourmet coffee and get a generous contribution? Certainly not at your corner national coffee shop.

Q: I see. So if a grocery or warehouse store is selling branded “gourmet” coffee from 100% Arabica beans it is not a comparable quality to yours?

A: In our opinion…not even close. Large corporations roast at high temperatures in large batches (500-1,000 lbs at a time) and the coffee beans themselves can be 6 months old or more by the time you buy it! Quality roasting goes slowly, in small, 10-30 lbs batches and our coffee is roasted on demand. In quality specialty gourmet coffee the flavor is retained and a little goes a very long way.

Q: I understand you are piloting regional delivery programs?

A: We are presently piloting a Regional Flat Fee {$2 per delivery…less than you tip the pizza guy} home delivery to certain zip codes. Please click on this link to review our store website and check zip codes to see which days we deliver to local neighborhoods.

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