CUPCReaM™…What is it?

A couple of quick questions if I may?

 Are you satisfied that your corporate giveaway programs are having a measurable impact on your bottom line?

  • Is your corporate giveaway program strategically connected to your Cause Related Marketing program and your customer base…thus providing maximum positive impact to your brand image?
  • Does your corporate giveaway program have the potential to provide your selected cause(s) with donations in perpetuity…while also providing your firm with significant incremental marketing at no additional cost to you?
  • Does your program have a measurable sustainable impact on the environment?
  • Does your program ensure the workers producing the product are provided a fair wage, proper housing, clothes, education and medical care?
  • Does your corporate giveaway program create maximum “buy-in” from customers and employees alike?

If your response to any of these questions is “no” or “not sure”…we need to spend a few minutes chatting.  Honestly, even if your response is yes I know you will be quite impressed in how we can partner with your firm with our win/win/win CUPCReaM™ program.

With CUPCReaM™ we focus on…matching the cause YOU support that fits your brand with the new paradigm in corporate outreach and giveaways.

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