Business Owner or Corporate Marketing Executive

Thank you for taking a moment to review our CUPCReaM™ program. Here is a brief overview of this Cause Related Marketing program and how it will be beneficial to your organization.

Q: Who are we?

A: CUP Fundraising, LLC is a for profit program which partners with businesses and corporations to support their favorite cause. Through this Cause Related Marketing program we provide generous contributions through the sale of specialty gourmet coffee roasted from only the top worldwide crops of Arabica beans as well as other delicious products.

Q: What is the program?

A: Essentially we have created a program whereby we will make a substantial contribution of the sale price of our specialty gourmet products to predetermined causes. We will do that in concert with the business sponsor of that organization. Even more exciting is that we administer this program at no cost to you!

Q: What is the marketing opportunity?

A: Imagine a beautiful custom designed 3 X 4 label on the back of each pillow pack {one pot of coffee} or 12oz bag of coffee. Not only does your firm enjoy a full 50% of the label for your marketing message but you are linked to the cause receiving our generous donation. What is the intangible benefit of this philanthropic sponsorship to your company?  We also provide you with a web page at no cost to you.

Q: What about Advertising Compliance Oversight?

A: We understand that concern and in working with larger organizations one suggestion is to have one corporate wide label approved and have the sales team staple their approved business cards at the top of the sealed bag. This also will lend itself to volume quotes.  We are still pleased to create multiple labels subject to your parameters.

Q: When was this program created?

A: CUP Fundraising, LLC was originally created around the time we were all watching the terrible devastation Hurricanes Katrina and Rita laid upon the Gulf Coast.  With extensive experience working for and supporting, philanthropic causes we felt compelled to create a program which would benefit approved organizations.

Q: Where is this program administered?

A: Through our offices in Las Vegas, Nevada we have the ability to order, inventory and administer the products and the program itself. Through the power of the internet we can extend this program throughout the USA working with the national headquarters of charities or corporations down to the local organization level. We work hard with our coffee partners, to make this a win/win/win for all involved.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: As we mentioned, we are a for profit company who truly has a philanthropic orientation. We know that your referrals will absolutely love our specialty gourmet products…and will visit our store often…making this the fundraiser that never sleeps!

Q: How do we get started?

A: Take a minute to contact us if you have questions by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab or to sign up. There is no obligation or cost to signing up.  We will show your business or corporation how to support the communities you do business in while joining in on the new marketing paradigm.

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