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July 1, 2016

CUP announces “I am a CUPGiver™” initiative

Las Vegas, NV–While expanding our program to meet the needs of larger partners CUP Fundraising has created a new initiative called “I am a CUPGiver™.”

I am a CUPGiver™ is about doing the right thing for others but doing it in such a way that it can create perpetual giving.

  • Businesses can become a CUPGiver™ by combining part or all of their marketing program with community outreach through CUP ensuring causes they feel strongly about receive much needed funding.
  • Causes who partner with CUP Fundraising are a CUPGiver™ as donations raised through this program are given to others based on the mission of the cause.
  • Customers who purchase our product offerings will be providing a significant donation to the related cause and are also a CUPGiver™.

Still the giving continues as the products provided are either Rainforest Alliance Certified™ or Fair Trade ensuring the environment and the workers are treated with respect.  So we hope you will join the chorus of organizations and individuals who are proud to say “I am a CUPGiver™.”

April 23, 2010

CUP announces re-branding

Georgetown, TX–With the introduction of new delicious products beyond our original gourmet coffee the company has decided to rename the organization CUP Fundraising, LLC. While we enjoyed the name Coffee Underwrites Philanthropy our vision has grown and since our products will continue to be consumed from a cup…the name fits…besides we like the logo.

A spokesperson for CUP, said “you will want to keep an eye on this website as over the next several months our freshened logo and other branding items will be refocused. As always, we continue to be the fundraiser that never sleeps!

April 21, 2010

CUP announces the unveiling of the CUP Bonus Program™

Georgetown, TX–Once again CUP is leading the fundraising world with innovative changes. With the introduction of the CUP Bonus Program™ organizations have an annual opportunity to raise significant funds…without all of the work!

A spokesperson for CUP, stated that it was time to offer the upside of a traditional fundraising campaign without all of the negatives. We believe we have captured this with our new program which will provide an opportunity for organizations to raise up to 40% of the sale price of our quality products and we will do most of the work. As always, we continue to be the fundraiser that never sleeps!

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